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Up to 12 months-rent guaranteed in case of unpaid rent

mozaïk is also a rent protection insurance adapted to landlords who plan to rent out their properties with complete peace of mind. Foyer offers you coverage to protect your investment in Luxembourg and without letting any unplanned event jeopardize your assets or your income!

Our guarantees

Building owner's liability

Has damage been caused to third parties during repair, maintenance or conversion work? These types of situations are covered by this special liability insurance.

Legal protection for building owners

Assistance and advice regarding all your procedures and coverage of your legal, expert and bailiff fees in the event of a conflict with a tenant, a profession or a service provider.

Damages caused by tenants

During exit inventory, we sometimes discover unscrupulous tenants whose insurance does not cover for everything. Mozaïk then takes over and covers the costs of restoring your home in the event of damages caused by your tenant (up to an amount equivalent to 6 months-rent).

Reimbursement of rent

Are you no longer receiving the rent from your tenant? We guarantee the payment of your unpaid rent, including charges, for up to 12 months.

Legal protection in case of unpaid rent

We cover judicial and extra-judicial costs that may be caused by unpaid bills, up to the possible costs of eviction from the dwelling.

Eco energy guarantee

Eco-friendly installations such as geothermal or hydropower, wind turbines, solar collectors, condensing or micro-cogeneration boilers, heat pumps, biomass) are protected from breakage and installation defects. Electricity production loss is also covered.

Your benefits

24/7 support

When faced with an emergency situation (e.g. a water leak in a blocked pipe or a heating breakdown), Foyer Lux-Assurances will call in a professional for an emergency intervention.


All your assets covered by a single insurance policy.

Personal advice

Talk to an expert to better understand the Rent Protection Guarantee.

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