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An Insurance for your luggage and valuables

Whether you're passionate adventurer or a fan of lazy family holidays, vacations are always sacred, so don't let anything unexpected ruin them ! With the travel insurance, Foyer Lux-Assurances ensures that you and all your family members have a safe and worry-free holiday.

Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or as a family, there are 3 insurance solutions to choose from to meet all your needs.


The travel module

Mozaik insurance

The most comprehensive way to have a coverage when travelling. To reward you for your loyalty, you benefit from more extensive guarantees.


Occasional trips

All-in-one protection

Is there something special about your next trip? Are you planning a world tour? We offer you a tailored solution.


Annual Contract

For your regular trips

The most suitable protection for several trips throughout the year.

Your guarantees

Cancellation insurance

Something unexpected at the last minute, a health problem, a stolen ID?

With the cancellation guarantee, you can already book your next trip with complete peace of mind!

Protection of your luggage

Your luggage is compensated up to €5,000, and even up to €7,500 if you choose the guarantee in your mozaïk contract, in case of loss of luggage, if it is stolen or damaged.

In addition to luggage protection, you are covered against the theft of your cash and valuables.

Coverage of medical costs

If you get ill or have an accident during your trip, we will take care of all your medical expenses, after the social security authorities have intervened, up to a maximum of €125,000 with a separate contract and up to €1,000,000 with the guarantee in your mozaïk contract.

24/7 support

Abroad, a little issue can quickly become a serious problem. You can count on Foyer Lux-Assurances anytime and anywhere in the world. Foyer offers you 24-hour assistance, in partnership with Europ Assistance, to return to Luxembourg.

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