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The art of being well insured

Whatever your taste regarding works of art, whether you are a fan of modern art or you prefer the great classical masterpieces, Foyer Lux-Assurances does everything possible to let you live your passion peacefully by protecting it in all situations.


A great deal of expertise is required for the protection of an art collection and art objects. To complete its mozaïk home insurance offer, Foyer Lux-Assurances naturally approached Hiscox, the internationally renowned private insurance provider with over a century of unique knowledge of risks related to heritage and works of art.


When a piece of art is stolen, damaged or lost, it can rarely be replaced because of its uniqueness, therefore art is covered differently. Nevertheless, the financial value of your investment in a work of art can be protected with a dedicated insurance policy, such as "Fine Art" for optimal compensation.

Fully insured

All-risk coverage

All potential risks are taken care of: breakage and accidental damage, fire or water damage, loss or robbery... whether you have just a few items or an entire collection.

Personalized claims management

In the event of a claim, you will be able to choose between replacement, restoration or compensation. Our network of experts and restorers is at your disposal.

More than just a compensation

If the value of your art piece has been affected by the repair of the damages, Foyer Lux-Assurances will compensate you for the capital loss.

International coverage

Whether you are exhibiting your valuable possessions, transporting them or simply keeping them at home, they are covered around the globe.

“Set and Pair” Guarantee

Sometimes an object has an increased value because it is part of a pair or a set: When your claim is settled, the compensation will take this value into account and will be based on the total value of the pair or set, even if only one piece is involved.

A new product for all art form

This insurance is appropriate for any art form: from a stamps collection to a collection of master paintings, drawings, print documents or sculptures, installations or other objects. The guarantee also applies to valuable carpets, precious earthenware, manuscripts, jewelry and wines.

Your benefits

Support during the subscription process

An art piece has no stable value, it fluctuates over time. This is why Foyer Lux-Assurances offers to carry out an expertise at the time of subscription anywhere in Luxembourg, including for newcomers. The agreed value of your property will then be determined according to its history and scarsity, which will make it indisputable in the event of a claim and will speed up the compensation process.

Prompt assistance in case of a claim

With Foyer Lux-Assurances you benefit from the immediate intervention of specialists (security, legal protection, storage and transport, expertise, and restoration) to anticipate or reduce the risks in the event of a claim.

A need for art object maintenance, an authentic expertise

Foyer Lux-Assurances is also the partner of IPARC - service provider specialised in conservation and restoration of art pieces. A multidisciplinary team with experts in research, analysis and collection maintenance is at your disposal.

Automatically protected

Each new art acquisition is systematically covered by our insurance policy at the date of acquisition and up to a maximum of 25% of the total sum insured in your contract.

You then have 60 days to notify us of your new acquisition. The same conditions are applied to technological goods.

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