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Do you plan on moving soon?

The decision has been made, you will soon change your entire environment and move to a new home in Luxembourg.


House moving can quickly become a mess, whether you own or rent your new place.

Packing up your belongings in boxes, tidying up the place, dealing with the unavoidable administrative procedures and the possible work needed in your new home, a move is always an intense period.

To ensure that your move goes smoothly, Foyer Lux-Assurances has put together a checklist to help you get organised for your move. It will allow you to focus on setting up your new home. Check it out now!


Being well organised is the first ingredient of a successful move, being well insured is undoubtedly the second one. Pro tip: let your insurance agent know about your new situation as soon as possible.

By doing this, and thanks to your mozaïk home insurance, your make sure to be protected for one month at your two addresses (the one you are moving out from and the one you are moving in) while you adjust your insurance coverage.


Unfortunately, moving sometimes rhymes with the word breaking your belongings. The Technological Goods cover and the Precious Goods and Collections module from mozaïk home insurance insures your technological devices and precious objects in the event of a fall or breakage throughout the year.

Technological goods

Ultra HD televisions, home automation systems or high-tech hoovers are all covered in case of robbery, breakage or falls.

Precious goods and collections

Are you a watch enthusiast, a rare vinyls collector or a fan of handbags from the greatest leather goods manufacturers? Don't be afraid to use them!

With mozaïk home insurance, you are insured against theft and breakage at home and anywhere else.


Are you moving to Luxembourg from abroad?

We help you understand home insurance in Luxembourg.

A home is not just four walls and a roof. Your home is the place where your family and friends live, a place where you can all share unforgettable moments. That's why, whether you own or rent your place, it's essential to insure your new home, its contents and all your loved ones.

Mozaik foyer
A unique insurance that suits you

An optimal multi-risk home insurance is necessarily the one that suits you better: compose your own contract according to your needs by choosing your guarantees and modules.

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