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Voyage en solitaire, en duo ou en famille, 3 solutions d'assurances au choix pour répondre à tous vos besoins 

Home loan coverage

Foyer Lux-Assurances offers a temporary remaining balance insurance with a focus on investment to those who wish to cover their real estate loan and their long-term investments made to buy or build their home or professional premises in Luxembourg.

Coverage tailored to your needs

In the event of death

The Remaining balance insurance pays off the balance of your mortgage so that no heavy financial burden is left to your relatives.

In case of disability

The payment of the capital can be triggered following a total and permanent disability of one of the insured.

Your benefits

16, rue Michel Rodange

L-2430 Luxembourg

Tél: 691 XXX XXX

Protecting your assets and your loved ones

By insuring your mortgage, you are protecting your loved ones financially.

Tax optimization

The remaining balance insurance premiums are deductible from income tax up to €672 per year and double that amount if you are married or for each additional child.

Up to €672 per year for each additional person living in the same household.



With a partner

Without children

672 €

1344 €

Per additional child

+672 €

+672 €

The annual deductible limit increases in the case of single premium payments


Increase to 30 years

Additional increase ages 31 to 49 (per years)

Maximum deductible ages 50+

Without children

6 000€


15 600€

Per additional child

1 200€


3 120€

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