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Build up your own home insurance!

Mozaïk from Foyer Lux-Assurances offers the possibility of adding useful guarantees and complementary modules to the essential guarantees of your home insurance. A whole range of guarantees to mix up according to your choice to create your tailored home insurance.

The essentials

A selection of essential guarantees to ensure serenity in your everyday life

Fires and fire-related risks

Attacks, conflicts in the workplace and vandalism

Storm and hail

Water damage and freezing of installations

Window, glass and mirror breakage


To benefit from a better coverage in case of a claim and a higher level of comfort in your daily life, Foyer Lux-Assurances gives you the opportunity to supplement the essentials of everyday insurance with some useful guarantees.

Theft and vandalism

Have you lost your house keys? Have you been the victim of a break-in, robbery or an act of vandalism within your home?

All damages and stolen items, even belongings stored outside your home, will be compensated.

Technological items

All technological equipment (home automation, Ultra HD TV or high-tech robot hoover, etc) is covered for theft and accidental damage due to falling or breakage.

Eco energy

All ecological installations in your home supporting the protection of the environment (photovoltaic panels, heat pump, wind turbine...) are insured against accidental damage, theft and also against indirect loss due to eventual loss of productivity.

Liability Insurance

Did you accidentally break your cousin's new TV set or did your child scratch your neighbour's car? Liability insurance, which covers financial and physical damage, can save you from having to pay out some costs which may appear to be important.

Precious goods and collections

Are you a watch enthusiast, a rare vinyls collector or a fan of handbags from the greatest leather goods manufacturers? Don't be afraid to use it!

With mozaïk home insurance, you are insured against theft and breakage at home and anywhere else.


Mozaïk home insurance covers all the unforeseen events during your holidays, such as cancellation, repatriation, medical expenses or baggage loss. Book your next vacation with your eyes closed.

Foyer Lux-Assurances follows you across the world from the first night of your trip.

Natural disasters

The mozaïk home insurance covers your home in Luxembourg for damages that appear in the aftermath of natural disasters: floods, landslides, drought and earthquakes.

Portable items

Modern living is paired with nomadic goods which accompany you everywhere and all the time: smartphone, camera, tablet, console and other connected objects. With the "Nomadic Property" guarantee you are always covered.

Legal protection

Nowadays, no one is safe from a conflict with a neighbour or, for example, a telephone operator. The "legal protection" guarantee helps you deal with all these types of troubles, so that no disagreement can complicate your life.

Art and Passion

Are you a collector of beautiful objects, works of art or a lover of prestigious wines? Foyer protects your assets. Mozaïk home insurance covers all your belongings without exception all around the world, including during transport.

Recreational goods

Electric cycling, golf, skiing or horse riding, a passion is always fully enjoyed and experienced and Foyer Lux-Assurances has understood this.


Whatever your favourite activity is, with mozaïk home insurance, your leisure equipment is insured in case of fall, breakage or theft anywhere around the globe.

Life accidents

Unfortunately, more domestic and private accidents are the cause of injuries and deaths than road accidents each year.

Mozaïk home insurance consists in both a financial protection as well as a daily assistance.

Estimate the content of your home

To be properly insured, you need to know the exact value of your personal property, furniture and home contents. Estimate all your assets easily with our online brochure.


To get the best home insurance cover for you at the best rate, our agents’ expertise is necessary: get in touch with a Foyer Lux-Assurances agent or leave us your contact information to be connected with somebody as soon as possible.


In the event of a claim

Foyer Lux-Assurances offers services adapted to all situations to simplify your procedures.

24/7 support

Because an accident can happen anytime, we guarantee you a 24/7 assistance. Tel: +352 437 43 123

Tailored compensation

We give you the choice of how you want to be compensated in case of a home claim: you have the possibility to choose the one that is best suited to your situation.

Statement of claim

An application available on your usual App store to facilitate the transmission of your claim without having to go through your agent: Get MyFoyer app in just a few clicks. Tel: +352 437 43 123

Personal advice

Because we all need to be reassured and advised in difficult times, our agents are always ready to listen.

Adapted expertise

Because no two claims and cases are the same, we offer you several types of expertise to assess your damage.

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