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Finance your future projects

Renovating a house, making real estate plans or taking a big trip are all life projects that do not exclude the constitution of savings and the fructification of a capital to protect your loved ones in the future. Foyer Lux-Assurances' range of savings and retirement products meets these particular needs while offering you the assurance of tax savings.

2 flexible & simple savings & retirement solutions


For the protection of your loved ones, there is nothing better than to invest gradually. The helios invest solution is a life insurance contract that not only offers the possibility of building up savings but also of benefiting from stock market returns. This investment solution also allows you to:

Freely designate the beneficiary or beneficiaries

Protect your loved ones.

In case of death during the course of the contract, a compensation equal to 100% (or more depending on the contract) of the planned or guaranteed savings capital is paid to the beneficiary(ies). You can complete your life insurance policy with additional guarantees that come into play in the event of the death or disability of the saver.


Nova is the ideal solution for you to give your children a boost while reducing your taxes. This life insurance contract works like a child's savings account, and allows you at maturity to:

Build up capital for your children.

You save at your own pace every month. The amount saved can be paid out in the form of an annuity or a lump sum.

Ensure their safety.

If one of the parents dies, a capital sum equal to the sum of the premiums provided for over the entire duration of the contract is paid directly to the beneficiaries. If the death is accidental, the capital is doubled.

Your benefits


The amount and frequency of premiums paid are adapted to your means, your wishes and your objectives at the end of the contract.

Protection of relatives

Your relatives benefit from a guaranteed capital sum in the event of death.

With attractive return prospects

You can choose between a secure profit share or a stock market return.

Savings not taxed on exit

Both the capital payable at the end of the contract and the death benefit are tax-exempt.

Optimisation fiscale

Les primes versées au titre d'un contrat de prévoyance vieillesse sont déductibles de votre montant imposable (article 111bis de la loi sur l’Impôt des Revenus).

Vous pouvez déduire jusqu’à 3 200 €/an dans le cadre de votre contrat horizon.

Tax optimisation

Premiums paid for life insurance and supplementary benefits are deductible from your total taxable amount (section 111 of the Income Tax Act or ITA).

MyFoyer Client Area

Directly from your MyFoyer Customer Area, you can access your contracts, request a tax certificate or update your personal data.

Espace Client MyFoyer

Directement depuis votre Espace Client MyFoyer, vous pouvez consulter vos contrats, faire vos demandes d’attestation ou d'attestation d’impôt ou encore tout simplement mettre à jour vos informations personnelles. 

The benefits of saving for a home


You invest your savings safely and without risk. Foresight at its best.


You are then entitled to a home loan at a favourable, fixed interest rate.


The credit balance of your home savings and the right to a loan can be passed on to certain family members.

Your annual home savings payments are tax-deductible up to the following amounts:


From 18 to 40 years*

Over 40 years


1 344€


Couples filing jointly

2 688€

1 344€

Per additional child

1 344€


*In the case of collective taxation, the maximum amount depends on the age of the youngest taxpayer. The age completed on 1 January of the tax year is decisive.

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