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Be forward-looking to protect your income and your loved ones

With its death insurance, Foyer Lux-Assurances allows you to secure a debt and thus protect your loved ones. If you have a financial loan in Luxembourg, this provident insurance secures your debt and protects your family in the event of death or disability after a hard blow. Depending on the option you select, you have the opportunity to guarantee them a secure financial future.

3 death insurances adapted to your needs



Want to keep your loved ones safe? Chronos provides an income to the beneficiary of your choice after your death through the payment of a guaranteed capital amount.



Need to take out a car loan or a personal loan? In the event of the borrower's death, focus financing covers the outstanding amount (SRD) of your loan. Your bank then receives the balance of the money still owed to pay off your debt.



Have you found the home of your dreams? Investment focus is also a temporary outstanding balance insurance (TSRD) that covers home loans and long-term investments to buy or build your family home.

Your benefits


Amount of capital and duration according to your own choice. For the TSRD insurance you can choose between instalments or a single premium.

Protection of relatives

Your loved ones have a guaranteed capital amount in the event of death for their security.

Supplementary guarantee in case of disability

In the event of total and permanent disability, Foyer Lux-Assurances will also pay the death benefit included in your main provident contract.

Tax optimisation

Les primes versées au titre d'un contrat de prévoyance vieillesse sont déductibles de votre montant imposable (article 111bis de la loi sur l’Impôt des Revenus).

Vous pouvez déduire jusqu’à 3 200 €/an dans le cadre de votre contrat horizon.

Tax optimisation

Under the terms of Article 111 of the Luxembourg Income Tax Law (L.I.R), you can deduct premiums paid under a life insurance contract from the taxable amount.

Death insurance

You can deduct up to 672€/year per household member.


By paying your focus investment contract with a single premium, you have a higher deductible limit.

MyFoyer Client Area

Directly online from your MyFoyer Customer Area, you can consult your contracts, request certificates for the tax authorities or simply update your personal data.

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