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Winter sports with peace of mind: what insurance?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

A fall during skiing can result in significant costs, from evacuation from the slopes, private ambulance, sometimes even helicopter, and the costs of the accident. Think about getting your insurance in order before you leave: civil liability insurance, complementary health insurance, travel insurance and accident insurance.

In this article, we detail the real costs of a fall in the mountains. We also help you to differentiate between the various types of insurance.

Winter sports with peace of mind: what insurance?

Is winter sports insurance essential?

The costs of a bad fall should give you some clues to the answers.

The costs

The cost of mountain rescue can quickly explode: from 300 to 500 euros for an intervention on the slopes and between 500 and 2000 euros for off-piste. In the case of a rescue with a helicopter, it will cost you 30€ per minute of flight! So the final bill can be 2000 euros or more.

To this amount, add the costs following the accident: convalescence, prostheses, treatments, cosmetic damage, etc. Anything outside the scope of the National Health Fund can add up to thousands of euros.

And the risk is there. 50,000 interventions are counted each year in French ski areas alone.

The alternative: an insurance duo

To go to winter sports with peace of mind and avoid unpleasant financial surprises, two guarantees are essential:

  • Travel insurance, which covers the costs of interventions in the mountains (more details below).

  • Personal accident insurance, which compensates for the damage caused by an accident in the long term.

The role of each insurance

Your son's broken leg, his helicopter ride, the repatriation of the whole family to Luxembourg and the reimbursement of the medical expenses of the person he knocked down: which insurance comes into play at what point?

Personal liability insurance (RC)

Personal liability insurance (often included in your home insurance policy) covers damage caused to third parties. If you cause another skier to fall and you are responsible, this insurance will pay for their loss (repatriation, convalescence, work stoppage, compensation for material and physical damage, etc.).

All members of the household are covered by Personal Liability: you, your spouse, your children and even your pets.

In short, Personal Liability (RC) is an absolutely essential cover. Before you leave, check that your cover is in force and, if necessary, ask your agent for a certificate of insurance.

Supplementary health insurance

This insurance will cover the consequences of your fall. It covers the costs of :

  • transport by ambulance to the nearest hospital

  • consultations and medical examinations

  • hospitalisation and hospital stays

  • outpatient surgery

  • medical treatment

  • external and internal prostheses

  • specialised support

  • health care provided abroad (unforeseen or planned care)

  • alternative medicine (e.g. osteopathy)

  • etc.

60% of Luxembourgers have this complementary insurance. Please check whether this is the case for you.

Travel insurance

Note that there are still a few things that the above two insurances do not cover: your luggage, cancellation of your trip, reimbursement of your stay, mountain rescue services, both on and off-piste. If you want to be covered for these, you can take out Travel insurance. Here are the guarantees of the Travel module of the Foyer mozaïk insurance:

  • Assistance and rescue

  • Repatriation

  • Medical expenses abroad (after intervention of the complementary health insurance and the CNS)

  • Reimbursement of trip cancellation or modification costs

  • Luggage protection up to 7500 € (theft, disappearance, damage)

  • 24/7 assistance

Personal accident cover

The Accidents in private life guarantee is a complementary insurance to the health insurance. It comes into play in the event of permanent disability of all or part of the body and in the event of death.

This guarantee also allows you to benefit (after an accident) from home assistance such as remedial classes for your children, delivery of your groceries or medicines, walking your dog, etc.

Do I have to take out all these insurances?

Even if you are generally very careful, keep in mind that winter sports are dangerous. We all know someone we know who has had a fall on skis and ended up in hospital.

Winter sports travel insurance is a useful and essential choice that should be included in the suitcases of all snow lovers.



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