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The medicis top-up healthcare insurance of Foyer Lux-Assurances covers health expenses which are not covered by the National Health Fund (CNS) within the limits of the plan you have subscribed to. In Luxembourg, the balance you have to pay for expenses can sometimes be important without health insurance coverage. Prevention is better than cure...


Medicis top-up healthcare insurance supplements the CNS reimbursement and offers premium services for hospitalization, surgery, dental treatment, visual aids (e.g. glasses) and other outpatient treatment.


Comprehensive coverage in case of hospitalisation or surgery. The ideal solution for dealing with life's unexpected events.

Nursing care while being hospitalised.

Medical examinations, consultations and outpatient surgical procedures performed in hospital environment

Medical treatment before or following hospitalisation (30 days before / 90 days after)

Ambulance transportation to the nearest hospital

Accommodation in a single room or the granting of an allowance per day of hospitalisation

Costs caused by a medically necessary transfer to the nearest resort or hospital during a temporary stay abroad

With hospi+, you can choose the hospital where you want to be treated, anywhere in Europe.


An ever more comprehensive coverage that protects you no matter what happens. Medicis Confort health insurance covers hospitalisation and routine health expenses.

Medical treatment

Visual aid and eye care

Dental care

Alternative therapies


How to be reimbursed ?

For a quick refund, simply declare your medical expenses by uploading the following documents to your customer area:

the statement from the statutory health insurance fund

a copy of each doctor's bill or fee

a copy of each doctor's prescription

your pharmacy receipts for the medicines prescribed by your doctor

For a hospitalisation

Please note! In case of planned hospitalisation, please inform us 10 days before being hospitalised via our customer area.

For dental expenses

If the health insurance fund (CNS) asks you for a quote before reimbursing certain dental or orthodontic costs, please send us the CNS's analysis on your case.

Where to send documents and applications?

In order to speed up the reimbursement process, please send us any correspondence for the reimbursement of your medical care via your customer area.


Simple, accessible and intuitive, the online customer area facilitates all your procedures and offers you maximum transparency.

You have questions about your health reimbursements?


Services that make your life easier

24/7 support

If you have a problem, we are available 24 hours a day.

Tel: +352 437 43 123

The MyFoyer app

With MyFoyer app, a few clicks are enough: handling and following-up of your file, reimbursement. Easy and efficient!

Child care

An accident or illness avoids your children to go to school ? Their private lessons will be paid for.

Best doctors foyer lux-assurances Luxembourg

A second medical opinion to get the right diagnosis

In collaboration with Best Doctors, Foyer Lux-Assurances allows you to call upon an international network of qualified doctors to establish a second diagnosis remotely.


Without having to leave your home, with or without the collaboration of your family doctor depending on your desires, and whatever your pathology can be, you benefit from the analysis and study of your medical file by renowned spe

Best Doctors in numbers

50 000 medical specialists worldwide

450 different fields of medicine

19% of patients received a different diagnosis

67% of patients received additional treatment advice

9,1/10 is the average score given by patients who have used the Best Doctors services


New - French border workers

Foyer Lux-Assurances has set up a third-party payment and remote transmission service in collaboration with its partner Novamut for French border workers.


For greater convenience and so that they no longer have to pay in advance, the computerised exchange of data between the French Social Security and Foyer is done automatically on presentation of the insurance card.


To take advantage of this service, log on to your customer area.

The little extra made in Luxembourg

The amount of the insurance premium is deductible on the income tax return as a special expense (Art. 111 L.I.R)

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