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Customised solutions, specially designed to meet the unique needs of your business

The best cover for a large company? The one that is precisely tailored to its particular requirements.

No margin of error tolerated

Anticipating every aspect, eliminating any risk that could disrupt your business, encouraging your growth. Insuring large companies requires in-depth research to identify the most appropriate insurance solutions. Above all, it requires a high level of expertise and knowledge from your advisers.

Is this insurance right for you?  

Our products are designed to meet the needs of companies of all sizes, in a variety of sectors. On this page, you can find out more about our customised solutions designed specifically for large companies and the industrial sector.

To find out if our product range is right for your business, we use one of these three criteria, depending on the insurance product you are looking for.

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None of these criteria apply to you?


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Work-related and personal accidental injuries

Prevent work-related injuries from disrupting the smooth running of your business. Your employees will benefit from quality medical care without having to pay upfront, and they will be compensated if they are unable to work.

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Business protection

A large business has a variety of assets and capital that it is essential to protect. Our business protection solutions cover buildings and contents insurance, motor vehicle fleet, and public liability.

Responsabilité de la direction.jpg

Executive responsibility

Our insurance policies protect you in the event of liability claims, allowing you to concentrate fully on the health and growth of your business.

Bien-être et santé du personnel.jpg

Employee health and wellbeing

Ensuring the wellbeing and future of your employees is tantamount to ensuring the wellbeing and future of your business as a whole. A sustainable business is one that protects its human capital.

Personalised support

With experienced advisors dedicated to meeting your individual needs

Every business is unique, and so are its needs. Each entrepreneur deserves a personalised service tailored to their situation. At Foyer Lux-Assurances, we have people specialised in every business sector, ready to analyse your project and recommend a perfectly tailored insurance plan. Do you strive for excellence in your business? We share this ambition.

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What are the advantages of choosing Foyer Group?

What sets our approach apart is the way we work with each and every one of our customers. We place particular emphasis on dialogue and understanding in order to design insurance contracts. Tailored to every company.

We protect your assets

With Foyer Group, you can protect all or part of your assets with insurance specifically designed for large companies.

We offer solutions tailored to your needs

Our insurance solutions for large companies are personalized and designed to meet the specific needs of each individual company.

We tailor our services to your requirements

Exclusive cover, high ceilings, and personalised support: your company will be insured exactly as it should be.

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