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Secure business continuity

Additional protection measures for officers, directors, managers and executives

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Director’s liability

Cover includes public and criminal defence costs

Protection against financial loss

Compensation is provided in the event of incapacity for work

Pension savings

Contributions to your retirement savings plan are tax-deductible

 Director’s insurance

An extensive cover designed to protect your business

Being a manager involves making a lot of decisions that may or may not pay off. If management fails, the consequences are not far behind. The costs associated with shareholder claims, bankruptcy, and loss of value are covered by us. Your company becomes healthier and more independent, and your managers protect their capital.


In addition to cover for loss of income, our insurance will pay you a daily allowance if you are unable to work. This cover is complemented by a disability pension, which is adjusted according to your incapacity for work. All you have to worry about is the health of your business, yours is in good hands.

Receive compensation if you are off work.


Build up a tax-deductible capital sum or pension

Horizont Pro, our supplementary pension scheme for the self-employed, is a solution that combines savings, provision and tax benefits. You have the freedom to choose the amount of your monthly savings, with the option of making additional payments at any time. Payments are tax deductible, and various investment incentives are available to suit your profile.

As a company director, you understand the importance of preparing for the future in order to secure the present.


Our insurance for director

  • Public and criminal defence costs 

  • Reputation repair costs

  • Psychological support costs

  • Loss of income in the event of incapacity for work

  • Supplementary pension savings

  • Disability pension


The smooth operation of a business is directly dependent on its manager. Foyer Lux-Assurances provides comprehensive protection for company directors, allowing them to devote themselves entirely and serenely to their SME.

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