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Secure the vital elements of your business

Intelligent, operational solutions for today's world

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Increased profitability, better growth, and enhanced safety

First and foremost, insurance must protect your growth and profitability. 

Through constructive dialogue with your risk manager, you will develop an insurance plan that is tailored to your company, your customers and your suppliers.

Moving forward together!

Our solutions

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Company liability insurance

Every day, your business has to deal with liabilities. The best way to safeguard your assets is to take out appropriate professional liability insurance.

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Business premises and contents insurance

Customised protection for your infrastructure, tools and production lines. So you can get back up and running quickly.

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Business vehicle fleet insurance

The vehicle fleet, employees, and third parties are insured against the consequences of road accidents or damage to vehicles.

What are the advantages of choosing Foyer Group?

What sets our approach apart is the way we work with each and every one of our customers. We place particular emphasis on dialogue and understanding in order to design insurance contracts. Tailored to every company.

We protect your assets

With Foyer Group, you can protect all or part of your assets with insurance specifically designed for large companies.

We offer solutions to suit you

Our insurance solutions for large companies are personalized and designed to meet the specific needs of each individual company.

We adapt to your needs

Exclusive cover, high ceilings, and personalised assistance: your company will benefit from insurance that is perfectly tailored to its needs.


Does this insurance meet your needs?

We offer products to suit all company sizes and sectors of activity. On this page, you'll find tailor-made solutions for large companies and the industrial sector. To determine whether your company can benefit from the best product here, all you need to do is meet one of the following three criteria, depending on the product.







10M €

Is one of these criteria not met?

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