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How to protect your garden furniture from burglary?

Updated: May 16, 2023

With the arrival of the warm weather, sun loungers, patio heaters and robot lawnmowers are making a comeback. They mean relaxation in the garden, but your outdoor furniture, tools and decorative items can also attract the attention of thieves. However, a few simple measures can help you deter them and secure your garden furniture.

garden furniture

Outdoor lighting

To increase your security, installing automatic lighting in your yard or garden is a practical and pleasant measure to consider. Intruders usually prefer darkness to remain unnoticed, so proper lighting can deter them. Opt for lights with LEDs and motion sensors, as they are both efficient and economical. It is important to focus lighting on strategic areas such as the garden shed or dark areas where a person could easily hide.

Installing an alarm or CCTV camera

Although it may be a larger investment, installing an alarm or CCTV system is the best way to prevent burglars from stealing your barbecue, garden furniture or rare plants. In the event of a problem, these systems often make it easier to find the culprits or even stop them in the act. There are different types of intelligent systems: some trigger an alarm siren, others send a text message to your smartphone or your neighbour's smartphone to warn you of an intruder, while others alert a security company or the police directly.

To ensure that your surveillance system is a real deterrent, don't forget to mark it with a prominent sign at the front and back of your property.

If a real CCTV system seems too expensive, be aware that fake security cameras sometimes look surprisingly like real cameras!

Secure fences and hedges

Not all burglars are capable of acrobatic burglary! The more difficult your property is to access, the less likely it is that thieves will attack it. That is why it is important to fence your property properly. Whether it's a wall or a fence, it's best to make sure it's high enough and difficult to climb. Planting fast-growing thorny hedges, such as hawthorn, in close rows can also be quite effective. In addition, you can opt for a gate with arrowheads, making it more difficult to break through or climb over.

However, before doing anything else, it is essential to refer to the General Development Plan (GDP) of your municipality to find out which installations you are allowed to make.

Securing your garden furniture

The best way to protect your furniture from theft is to secure it so that it cannot move. For example, weatherproof furniture can be cemented to the ground.

For furniture that needs to be stored during the winter, there are other less permanent techniques. You can use chains or ropes connected to a lashing anchor cemented to the floor. Some ropes are even equipped with a built-in alarm.

Avoiding temptation

It is important to note that garden furniture can be very valuable, whether it is hot tubs, tables and chairs, lamp posts, arbours, barbecues, benches and so on. It is best to store them out of sight when you are away for an extended period of time or during the inclement season. You can store them in your garage, lean-to or even in a garden shed, provided it is sufficiently secure. This will help preserve the value and integrity of your garden furniture.

Is your outdoor furniture properly insured?

Here's some good news! At Foyer, your garden furniture is insured against theft (as well as storms and natural disasters) as part of your home insurance, up to a limit of €12,200 (March 2023 index).

If you are already insured, here's a tip: take photographs of all your garden furniture and make a detailed list of the items, indicating their approximate value. It is also advisable to keep all invoices, as they will serve as proof in the event of a problem or claim.


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