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How to register your vehicle in Luxembourg?

You have just moved to Luxembourg and you need to register your vehicle? Follow our guide to make sure you don't forget anything and that you are in order in case of a control.

Before your arrival: prepare your documents!

From the day you declare your arrival in Luxembourg, you have 6 months to register your vehicle. This formality requires a number of supporting documents.

- The registration certificate must contain all the parts of the document. In Europe, this certificate generally consists of two parts.

- The original invoice must be provided only if you are not the owner of the vehicle on the registration document.

Applying for your registration number

You can apply for a registration number at or by calling the SNCA (Société Nationale de Circulation Automobile). You can choose between a number from the current series or a personalized plate.

You should know that the reservation of the registration number is free of charge but the registration fee is €50. For a personalized plate, there is an additional charge of €50.

As soon as the reservation is confirmed, you will have to make your number plates at one of the approved manufacturers.

Taking out motor vehicle liability insurance

As soon as you have your registration number, you can insure your vehicle. In Luxembourg, motor vehicle liability insurance is compulsory for driving on the roads.

Your insurer will ask you for certain technical aspects of your vehicle (make, type, model, weight, power, cylinder capacity, chassis number, date of first registration, etc.) as well as your new registration number. He will then give you your international motor insurance card (formerly known as the "green card") and an insurance certificate sticker, which will be essential for your registration procedures.

The 705 sticker

Individuals and companies who have bought a used foreign vehicle from a professional are obliged to go through customs clearance. People who have bought a new foreign vehicle will have to pay Luxembourg VAT (17%). In both cases, the aim is to obtain the 705 sticker.

Customs clearance for used vehicles

The 705 sticker indicates that you are in order to pay VAT. To obtain this sticker, simply take your car to one of the centres de l’Administration des douanes et accises.

The Customs and Excise Administration will ask you for the following documents:

- The European certificate of conformity, which is issued by the manufacturer when the vehicle is purchased

- The original purchase invoice for the vehicle

- The reserved Luxembourg registration number

- The previous registration certificate

- The insurance certificate,

- The national identification number or the fiscal registration number.

The documents presented must be originals. Do not forget to bring your identity card.

The payment of Luxembourg VAT for new vehicles

This procedure is carried out by obtaining the 446-L declaration from one of the centres de l’Administration des douanes et accises. As soon as the declaration is completed, you will have to pay the VAT equivalent to 17% of the purchase price.

The Customs and Excise Administration will then give you part D of the 446-L declaration. This part constitutes the proof of payment, which must be presented (in addition to the documents mentioned above) to obtain the 705 sticker.

Technical inspection

It is imperative that your technical inspection is up to date in order to register your vehicle in Luxembourg. If you have a roadworthiness certificate that is valid in the country of purchase, it will also be valid in Luxembourg.

If you wish to have your vehicle inspected in Luxembourg, you must go through an approved body.

Buying the "Chancery duty" tax stamp

The last step in the registration process is to pay the "droit de chancellerie" tax stamp, which will cost you €50.

This tax stamp can be purchased in two ways:

1. Go to one of the official offices of the Administration of Registration and Domains.

2. Make a bank transfer to the account LU76 0019 5955 4404 7000 (BIC: BCEELULL). The proof of transfer is necessary for the registration and must include the following information: first and last name, reason, registration number and chassis number.

If you have ordered a personalized number plate, don't forget the extra charge of 50€.

Are your documents ready? The yellow plates are waiting for you!

To finalize this formality, you must make your request to the SNCA (Société Nationale de Circulation Automobile). The form "Application for a registration certificate" must be filled in and the following original documents must be provided:

- Identity document

- Invoice document

- Insurance certificate

- 705 sticker

- Foreign registration document

- Chancery fee stamp

- Technical inspection certificate

- European certificate of conformity

When everything is in order, the SNCA will give you your registration certificate (carte grise) and a temporary tax sticker valid for 30 days.

The Customs and Excise Administration will inform you of the amount of tax to be paid on your vehicle each year. You will have 60 days to pay and will then receive the final tax sticker by post.



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