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Insurance designed for the agricultural sector

Whether you're a farmer, a winegrower or a livestock breeder, whether you run a small or large structure, our insurance cover has been specifically designed to meet the realities of your business.

Insurance designed for your profession

Our aim is to support every farmer with tailor-made protection, taking into account the risks specific to each area of activity.

Public liability insurance


Accidents can happen quickly and through no fault of your own. They are difficult to predict and can have serious consequences. Our public liability insurance protects you from the financial consequences of accidents caused to third parties in the course of your business, whether caused by employees or animals.

Insurance for business premises and equipment


Our insurance policies are designed for farmers to protect their business against most types of loss, such as fire, storms, electrical damage, theft, etc. They provide comprehensive cover for buildings, farm equipment, crops, livestock and production machinery. 

Benefits specifically designed for farmers

Protection away from your farm

With our extended cover, you can enjoy public liability protection wherever you are, so you'll never miss a market, trade fair or agricultural show.

Protection for your specific assets

Your production equipment and machinery, milking robots, tools, handling equipment and tractors are covered.

PL private life cover

It's rarely easy to keep your private and professional lives separate in your business: our public liability cover protects you in every case.

3 choses à savoir sur votre assurance.jpg

3 things you need to know about your insurance

”Accidental environmental impacts”

Your public liability insurance covers, among other things, accidental pollution that may occur in the course of your activities and cause damage to third parties.

Secure your harvests  

Your fire insurance gives you the opportunity to protect your crops, whether they are still growing or stored in your fields.

Damage that your animals may cause to third parties

Public liability insurance covers any damage your animals may cause, as well as any resulting consequences. For example, it covers the consequences of an unintentional mating caused by an escaped breeder.

Additional guarantees for extended protection

Loss of income guarantee

Protect your capital and your standard of living when you stop working. You and your loved ones will also benefit from cover in the event of death or disability.

Professional vehicle

Choose insurance specially designed for business vehicles, including 24/7 assistance for third-party liability cover, driver protection and vehicle damage.

 Why choose Foyer Foyer Group?

Flexible cover options designed to meet the needs of all businesses

Our business insurance policies are specifically designed to meet the needs of SMEs and the self-employed, with a targeted approach for each sector of activity: we offer flexible guarantees to cover the risks specific to many professions. By choosing Group Foyer, entrepreneurs can count on an unrivalled level of service and advice, making us one of the best insurance companies around. We're there for you in good times and bad.


A quality service provided by a vast network of professional agents.


We insure more than 9,000 professionals who have chosen to place their trust in us on the Luxembourg market.


We are at your service wherever you are.

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