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Insurance specially designed for trades businesses

Are you a hairdresser, ready-to-wear retailer or bookseller? Do you own a shop or a beauty salon? Find out about Foyer’s insurance cover specifically designed for your business activity.

Insurance designed for your profession

Every business sector has its own risks. We support traders by offering them tailor-made protection.

Public liability insurance


Public liability covers you and your employees. Your insurance covers the costs on your behalf, whether the damage is caused to customers, suppliers or third parties. If you are a parcel delivery point, this service covers all parcels entrusted to you.

Business premises, tools and equipment insurance


As a trader, your premises are undoubtedly the heart of your business, enabling you to provide your customers with your services and products. Whether you own or rent your business premises, this insurance protects your business against most losses, such as theft, broken glass, fire or flooding of your shop...

Benefits specially designed for traders

Attending markets, fairs and exhibitions

When you're on the move, you can be sure your assets are covered. Comprehensive insurance covers theft, vandalism and all risks, wherever you are.

Temporary increase in activity

In the event of seasonal fluctuations, Foyer Lux-Assurances automatically adjusts the value of your goods to reflect the value of your assets, which means better compensation in the event of a claim.

Guaranteed financial peace of mind

We guarantee compensation if your business activity is interrupted or temporarily restricted. As an option, you can also choose to be covered for the full market value of your business.

3 choses à savoir sur votre assurance.jpg

3 things you need to know about your insurance

Check the value of your assets regularly

The insured value of your equipment depends on the estimate you provide to your insurance company. And don't forget to determine the value of your furniture and stock of goods.

Consolidate all your insurance policies into a single contract

Multi-risk professional insurance allows your company to combine several types of cover in a single policy, including business premises insurance and public liability.

Secure your financial resources

To protect your cash in all circumstances, whether in the safe, at the till or in transit to the bank, consider optional cover against theft.

Additional benefits for extended protection

Professional vehicle

Choose insurance designed specifically for business vehicles, including 24/7 assistance, third party liability cover, driver protection, and vehicle damage cover.

Loss of income guarantee

Protect your capital and your standard of living when you stop working. You and your family will also benefit from protection in the event of death or disability.

Health insurance

Anticipate costs not covered by social security. Whether for your wellbeing and that of your employees, or to ensure the smooth running of your SME.

Why choose Foyer Group?

Flexible cover options designed to meet the needs of all businesses

Our business insurance policies are specifically designed to meet the needs of SMEs and the self-employed, with a targeted approach for each sector of activity: we offer flexible guarantees to cover the risks specific to many professions. By choosing Group Foyer, entrepreneurs can count on an unrivalled level of service and advice, making us one of the best insurance companies around. We're there for you in good times and bad.


A quality service provided by a vast network of professional agents.


We insure more than 9,000 professionals who have chosen to place their trust in us on the Luxembourg market.


We are at your service wherever you are.

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