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Tailor-made hotel, catering and food industry insurance cover

Foyer Lux-Assurances offers insurance policies specifically designed for the hotel and catering industries. Whether you are a hotelier, restaurateur or café owner, these professions have their own pace and constraints, and we can help you to guarantee the quality of your services.

Insurance tailored to your profession

Each of these professions has its own unique risks. That is why we offer tailor-made protection for this sector.

Public liability insurance


The daily reality of the Hospitality industry is littered with risks. From cooking equipment to dietary requirements and the constant flow of hundreds of customers every day…

To prevent accidents from resulting in financial loss, your public liability insurance covers damage caused to third parties.

Insurance for business premises and equipment


Protect your investment and keep your business running, even in the event of a disaster. Our comprehensive insurance covers your building, furniture, stock, and equipment (such as bread ovens, cold rooms, and professional washing machines). Common risks such as fire, water damage, weather events, theft, or glass breakage are all covered.

Specific advantages designed for the Hospitality industry 

The protection of goods

We offer coverage for your goods in the event of damage or accidental malfunction of your production or storage equipment, such as cold rooms, refrigerated workshops, tunnel freezers, ovens, proofing rooms, drying rooms, smoking rooms, or maturing rooms.

The protection of outdoor facilities

In the event of a natural occurrence, we cover the repair costs for your outdoor facilities such as terraces, barbecues, and lampposts. 

Financial peace of mind guaranteed

We provide compensation that will enable you to maintain a normal financial situation in the event of a disaster that forces you to temporarily stop or scale back your business activities.


3 things to know about your insurance

Automatic security for a versatile team

You can automatically add your apprentices, candidates, and temporary staff to your public liability insurance policy at no extra cost.

Consolidate your insurance policies into a single contract.

Comprehensive professional insurance allows you to include multiple covers such as business premises insurance and public liability in a single contract.

Are your assets insured at their true value? 

The insured value of your valuable equipment is based on the valuation you provided to your insurance company. Don't forget to assess the value of your furniture and goods as well.

Additional coverage for extended protection

Director’s liability

our personal public liability may be engaged in the event of a management error, a breach of regulations or an employment contract of one of your employees. Director’s Liability covers your defence or prosecution costs in the event of a dispute arising from an employee's contract of employment.

Loss of income Guarantee

Protect your capital and your standard of living when you stop working. You and your family will also benefit from protection in the event of death or disability.

Professional vehicle

Choose an insurance specifically designed for professional vehicles, including 24/7 roadside assistance, liability coverage, driver protection, and damage to vehicles.

 Why choose Foyer Foyer Group?

Flexible cover options designed to meet the needs of all businesses

Our business insurance policies are specifically designed to meet the needs of SMEs and the self-employed, with a targeted approach for each sector of activity: we offer flexible guarantees to cover the risks specific to many professions. By choosing Group Foyer, entrepreneurs can count on an unrivalled level of service and advice, making us one of the best insurance companies around. We're there for you in good times and bad.


A quality service provided by a vast network of professional agents.


We insure more than 9,000 professionals who have chosen to place their trust in us on the Luxembourg market.


We are at your service wherever you are.

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