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Want to buy a new car?

Foyer Lux-Assurances gives you the opportunity to purchase your dream car thanks to the mobilé car loan. A two-in-one solution for the funding of your vehicle and car insurance with the best conditions on the market as well as optimal flexibility regarding the configuration of your car loan: repayment period, monthly instalments, coverage...


Would you like to discover your monthly payment?

2 plans for optimal flexibility

With the mobilé car loan in Luxembourg, you choose your repayment plan according to your budget.

Mobilé classic car loan

Balanced and comfortable

You determine the duration of your car loan yourself

You pay fixed monthly instalments

You finance up to 100% of the purchase price of your vehicle

Mobilé "light car” loan

Perfectly suited for anyone who likes to change cars on a regular basis

You repay part of the borrowed capital and then pay the balance (the residual value of the vehicle) when you make your last monthly payment

You pay lower monthly instalments than with conventional car financing


Your benefits

What we can do for you


Your loan application will be answered within 2 hours *

* Contract submitted to acceptance of your application by the lender according to your current financial commitments and your current income. Response provided during the opening hours of Foyer Lux-Assurances from Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:30 PM.


Your Foyer Lux-Assurances agent manages your application from beginning to end.

No administration fees


You and your loved ones are covered in the event of death and work incapacity.


In case of theft or total loss of your vehicle, the repayment of the balance of your loan is covered.

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